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Enables NDI to improve level of speed and customized teleradiology services it provides to its diagnostic imaging service provider clients.

Cleveland, Ohio, January 25, 2011—National Diagnostic Imaging (NDI), a national subspecialty teleradiology provider, announces that it has deployed a teleradiology workflow system called PACSstar by Perfect Imaging, LLC, to help improve the speed and service level it provides to its imaging service provider clients.

"PACSstar has helped us create a more efficient imaging and information routing process, and combined with voice-driven worklist and reporting management, has enabled us to turn reports around faster and more consistently," says David Berns, M.D., chief executive officer of NDI. "Our average report turnaround time has decreased by 18 percent," adds Berns.

NDI selected the PACSstar system to help them deal with key challenges of teleradiology operations, such as quickly receiving DICOM images, and patient demographic and clinical information from the client with minimal effort on the client's part, and routing this to the right radiologist based on availability, licensure, credentials, and subspecialty area.

"Additionally, the flexibility of the system enables us to provide customized service levels for our clients, which is something they really like," indicates Berns.

About Perfect Imaging

Perfect Imaging provides hosted teleradiology workflow / PACS software and teleradiology business consulting services for radiologists and teleradiology practices. Perfect Imaging's flagship product, PACSstar™, combines core features from RIS, PACS, speech recognition and billing systems and integrates these with a unique workflow and routing engine designed to meet the specific needs of teleradiology operations. PACSstar is a cost-effective approach to simplifying the complex routing requirements associated with radiologists who have multi-state licensure and service multi-state imaging facilities. This enables practices to operate more efficiently, speed report turnaround and fee-per-service billing processes, and reduce overhead resulting in improved profitability. Visit

PACSstar inquiries can be addressed by calling Scott Pohlkamp at (800) 950-5257.

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