For Teleradiology Clients

From a customer service and teleradiology client standpoint, National Diagnostic Imaging is one of the top teleradiology companies in the United States of America.

NDI Radiologists Are Fellowship Trained, Board Certified and Based in the United States 

Our teleradiologists are all based in the United States and are all fellowship trained and board certified. Board certification is the best measure of the knowledge, experience, and skills needed to provide quality patient care. Our teleradiology services are focused on professionalism, strong relationships with referring clinicians, subspecialty expertise, and outstanding patient careAlmost all radiology today is remote, and the challenge with a teleradiology company, located within the United States or on foreign soil, is to maintain quality standards. Quality standards are extremely important at NDI. To save money, some referring physicians and radiology groups choose to outsource their reads to foreign teleradiology companies and foreign radiologists located outside the United States. Although there are pros and cons of foreign versus domestic reads, NDI’s clients prefer to work with a teleradiology company in the United States due to quality concerns and other factors.

When Quality Matters and Medicare and Medicaid Laws

Because of quality of care concerns, many companies use only U.S. board-certified radiologists to read their images.  Medicare and Medicaid laws require the interpreting radiologist to be on US soil to qualify for reimbursement for a final reading. Thus most US teleradiology vendors, such as National Diagnostic Imaging, are physically based in the US. Unfortunately, some offsite radiology services (not NDI) work around the Medicare reimbursement problem through less than transparent means.  The American College of Radiology (ACR) believes that radiologists who interpret images by teleradiology should meet or exceed the same standards met by radiologists practicing within the United States.

NDI is radiologist-managed (Dr. Berns) and operated full-service sub-specialty radiology and teleradiology company based in Cleveland, Ohio. All imaging studies are interpreted by a radiologist certified by the American Board of Radiology. Specialty teleradiology professionals at NDI provide complete radiology coverage and also support radiology personnel with for subspecialty and overflow coverage.

NDI’s Teleradiology Services In 2020 And COVID-19

In 2020, more institutions, mobile imaging companies, private practices, urgent care facilities, rural hospitals and community hospitals in the United States, are engaging full-service teleradiology providers such as NDI to benefit from cost savings. Teleradiology benefits include reduced costs, enhanced expertise and improved coverage. NDI helps diagnostic radiology providers transition some of their radiology expenses from fixed to variable costs. One of the most important benefits offered by NDI is the potential for sub-specialty reads by a trained provider.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on radiology. The rapid spread of coronavirus in 2020 has increased the use of NDIs teleradiology services. The COVID-19 pandemic has enhanced the value of telemedicine and the use of NDI’s teleradiology services to communicate with referring physicians and to read radiological images.

Due to COVID-19, private practices, imaging centers, radiology departments and practices are now using NDI’s teleradiology services more than ever. More and more radiology practices and imaging institutions are using NDI teleradiology services to implement off-site reading into their normal workflow and to decrease their radiologist’s exposure to SARS-CoV-2.  Additionally, medical imaging facilities, radiology administrators and outpatient diagnostic imaging centers are now using NDI’s teleradiology services to help handle the COVID-19 pandemic. Get more information on COVID-19 strategies, including radiology preparedness, policy and response for radiology departments here.

Overview of NDI

National Diagnostic Imaging (NDI), based in Cleveland, Ohio provides teleradiology services to hospitals, imaging centers, office-based imaging practices, outpatient clinics and private physicians. NDI’s U.S. based and fellowship trained, Board-Certified subspecialty radiologists have expertise in musculoskeletal (MSK), body, and neuroradiology imaging. NDI provides daytime, night time, vacation, overflow and Locum Tenens teleradiology coverage on a national basis and delivers preliminary reads if needed and a final radiology report.

Subspecialty Radiology

Our work focuses on all fields of subspecialty radiology.

  • Academic credentials in a community-based environment
  • Specializing in MRI, CT, Nuclear Medicine, PET, Ultrasound and General X-ray
  • Advanced interpretation available in Neuroradiology (MR Angiography, SPECT, fMRI), Cardiac and Musculoskeletal Radiology

HIPPA Compliance

In addition, advanced teleradiology systems, such as the one used by National Diagnostic Imaging, must also be HIPAA compliant, which helps to ensure patients’ privacy. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is a uniform, federal floor of privacy protections for consumers.

Personalized Service

Since 2003, our mission has been to help our clients deliver exceptional patient care through clinical expertise in our interpretations and attentive, personalized services. We don’t operate as a teleradiology factory, nor do we want to compete with local radiologists. We focus on high quality reports, client interaction and provide teleradiology service and support as needed to help our clients, whether on a full-time, part-time or tele-locums basis. Our clients always receive the type of personalized service you expect from on-site radiologists.

PACS Technology

NDI utilizes the latest technology, including a PACS designed especially for teleradiology workflow to create an efficient operational model that delivers fast report turnaround. Clients benefit by having a hassle-free experience – no paperwork to fax, or images to re-send multiple times. Reports can be accessed via our referring physician portal. Radiologists are always available for consults and practice a proactive approach to communicating with referring physicians. NDI provides 24×7 responsive support.

Overview Of Our Radiology Services 

National Diagnostic Imaging is a national radiology services company that provides remote radiology interpretations and on-site interpretations.  Our teleradiologists provide after-hours and overflow coverage across all subspecialties and modalities. NDI radiologists are U.S. based, board certified and  subspecialty trained.  NDI is a full-service provider of professional radiology services including teleradiology setupon-site radiology servicesIT services and radiology department support.

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