Telecardiology And Remote Cardiology Services

National Diagnostic Imaging provides telecardiology services, remote cardiology reading services and echocardiogram (echocardiography) reading services in the USA. We provide interpretations for cardiologists, cardiology clinics, hospitals, private physicians, urgent care centers, internal medicine departments, cardiac surgeons and heart specialists. Reading services and interpretations services start at $15 per study based on the imaging modality.  NDI currently provides services all across the United States.

NDI cardiologists interpret the following studies: Echocardiogram,  ECG, Stress ECG, Nuclear Stress Test (Including Stress ECG), Stress Echocardiogram (Including Stress ECG), Coronary CTA and Cardiac MRI. NDI doctors are U.S. Board Certified and hold certifications in Echocardiography.

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