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National Diagnostic Imaging (NDI) Deploys Pacsstar Teleradiology Workflow System

January 25, 2011

NDI’s teleradiology PACS has unique features that enable NDI to improve level of speed and customized teleradiology services it provides to its diagnostic imaging service provider clients.

Cleveland, Ohio, January 25, 2011—National Diagnostic Imaging (NDI), a national subspecialty teleradiology provider, announces that it has deployed a teleradiology workflow system called PACSstar by Perfect Imaging, LLC, to help improve the speed and service level it provides to its imaging service provider clients.

“PACSstar has helped us create a more efficient imaging and information routing process, and combined with voice-driven worklist and reporting management, has enabled us to turn reports around faster and more consistently,” says David Berns, M.D., chief executive officer of NDI. “Our average report turnaround time has decreased by 18 percent,” adds Berns.

NDI selected the PACSstar system to help deal with key challenges of teleradiology operations, such as quickly receiving DICOM images, patient demographics, clinical information from the client with minimal effort on the client’s part, and routing studies to the appropriate radiologist based on availability, licensure, credentials, and subspecialty area. “Additionally, the flexibility of the system enables us to provide customized service levels for our clients, which is something they really like,” indicates Berns.

About Perfect Imaging

Perfect Imaging provides hosted teleradiology workflow / PACS software and teleradiology business consulting services for radiologists and teleradiology practices. Perfect Imaging’s flagship product, PACSstar™, combines core features from RIS, PACS, speech recognition and billing systems. This software program integrates  all these with a unique workflow and routing engine designed to meet the specific needs of teleradiology operations. PACSstar is a cost-effective approach to simplifying the complex routing requirements associated with radiologists who have multi-state licensure and who service multi-state imaging facilities. This enables practices to operate more efficiently, speed report turnaround, fee-per-service billing processes, and reduce overhead resulting in improved profitability. Visit

NDI Offers LOCUMS via Teleradiology

July 24, 2012

National Diagnostic Imaging was founded in 2003. Its network of radiologists, licensed throughout the country, provides daytime teleradiology services coast to coast. Its clients include imaging and outpatient centers in addition to oncology, cardiology, orthopedic,family and multi-specialty practices

March 2012—Due to market demand, National Diagnostic Imaging (NDI) is actively providing a teleradiology Locums solution for those entities whose needs can be met without onsite support. The radiology market continues to evolve with changes in technology that now allow us to work with imaging centers and hospitals on a part-time basis to give them the subspecialty or general radiology skill they desire.

This Locums Teleradiology offering is ideal for imaging center based radiologists in need of sub-specialty vacation coverage that will satisfy referring physicians. “Our model allows us to match the expertise of our radiologists with the needs of the radiologists we’re covering, whether it be in an imaging center or hospital,” said NDI President & CEO David H. Berns., M.D. “Clearly the market has changed and while in many instances an onsite radiologist makes the most sense, there are those circumstances where a teleradiology solution is a great fit. We also ask our Locums clients to sign a non-interference clause in our contract so they can be sure that we are not in the business of stealing their business,” Berns added.

NDI management has many years of experience and success in both the hospital and outpatient markets, which is necessary in developing and executing a successful Locums solution.

Locums coverage inquiries can be addressed by calling (800) 950-5257.

NDI adds Technologist Consultant To Complement Teleradiology Services

October 20, 2008

In October 20, 2008—National Diagnostic Imaging added another valuable tool to its sub-specialty teleradiology services by contracting with nationally recognized technologist , speaker and author William “Bill” Faulkner, B.S.,R.T.(R)(MR)(CT), FSMRT. His consulting role at NDI  included assisting clients with image quality, protocol optimization, ACR accreditation and other technologist related issues in what has become a compliance-focused radiology market.

“Bill’s talents were a real asset to our organization and our clients and His unique qualifications and experience span every MR scanner in the industry and he was a true pleasure to work with,” states Dr. David Berns, President & CEO of National Diagnostic Imaging.”

Bill Faulkner had conducted MR registry review programs for more than 14 years ( and  spoke at many MR and CT conferences for groups that include Northwest Imaging Forums, Educational Symposia and Institute for Advanced Medical Education and the SMRT. In November of 2002, Faulkner was voted Most Effective Radiologic Technologist Educator by on-line voting at and was awarded the Crues-Kressel award for his contributions to MR technologist education at the SMRT 2005 Annual Meeting in Miami. He authored the Rad Techs Guide to MRI: Basic Physics, Instrumentation and Quality Control. He retains active membership in the Section for Magnetic Resonance Technologists (SMRT), ISMRM Safety Committee and is a technical advisory board member of the Institute for Magnetic Resonance Safety, Education, and Research.

“Mr. Faulkner brought NDI to a whole new level in our development.  We were proud to have had him and to utilize his skills and expertise,” states Dr. David Berns.

NDI  Information Technology Department

Beachwood, Ohio, June of 2009.

National Diagnostic Imaging is pleased to announce the integration of an I.T. Department to its development to oversee day-to-day I.T. operations in addition to further developing PerfectPACS, the workflow platform utilized by NDI and several other teleradiology firms.

“Our I.T. Department presents  a unique skill set combining vast networking experience with programming, and are responsible for managing our growing network of teleradiology clients. Additionally, they develop exciting enhancements for PerfectPACS, ”  We pride ourselves in having  highly skilled and trained professionals available for our centers and  radiologists to service all their technology needs,”  states NDI President and CEO, David H. Berns, M.D.

For more information call National Diagnostic Imaging at (800) 950-5257.


NDI to ADD RADAR for Critical Test Results Management

Beachwood, Ohio, May 9, 2008

NDI is implementing a new critical test results management solution, RADAR Medical Systems, with a version specifically designed for teleradiology. “We’re excited to introduce our solution to NDI,” stated RADAR CEO Jack C. Cornell. “RADAR provides a fail-safe system to close the loop when critical results are communicated to referring physicians in a radiology environment,” Cornell added.

Location specific workflow empowers teleradiologists to flag studies with a critical test result. Automatic distribution of emails and text messages to clients expedites the communication process. “This represents NDI’s continuing efforts to explore new technologies so that we can deliver the best service possible to our clients,” said NDI President & CEO Dr. David H. Berns.

RADAR’s basic system offers an enterprise-wide CTRM (Critical Test Result Management) solution for radiology, laboratory, cardiology, ED, etc. providing automatic alert creation through its HL7 interface engine. By using Microsoft .Net 2.0 and SQL server platforms, RADAR can be integrated in virtually any healthcare enterprise, offering a very powerful system to support CTRM as well other applications in QA, risk management, peer review and practice management.

For more information, visit


NDI Adds New Clients and New Teleradiologists Nationwide

Beachwood, OH, March 20, 2008 

NDI continues to increase its client base, volume, geographic base and physician roster with the recent addition of four new teleradiology clients and recruitment of three radiologists.

The new clients include imaging centers in Gonzales, Louisiana; Brooklyn New York; four centers in Cleveland, Ohio and an orthopedic practice in Kentucky.

This growth is a direct result of our growing reputation and national sales strategy, states NDI President & CEO Dr. David H. Berns. “What our clients appreciate is that we deliver what we promise to them,”

National Diagnostic Imaging has had the great honor of having sub-specialty, fellowship trained, Board certified radiologists on their team.  We have recruited their level of expertise that is needed to address NDI’s  growth.  The recruitment of our highly trained professionals enable NDI to continually meet the needs of our clients and bring about a great expansion and growth potential in the highly competitive teleradiology market to NDI, states President and CEO, Dr. David Berns.

NDI Adds I.T. Muscle by Contracting with NCS Datacom

Beachwood, Ohio – February 14, 2008

Continuing to strengthen its growing teleradiology service, National Diagnostic Imaging (NDI) contracted with NCS Datacom (NCS) of Richmond Heights, Ohio to provide IT services.

“NCS is a leader in the teleradiology sector,” said NDI President & CEO David H. Berns, M.D.   The NCS staff has a wealth of experience in all aspects of teleradiology. Their expertise and insight will lead NDI to new and unprecedented levels of IT sophistication and stability,” Berns added.

NCS’s robust infrastructure includes a clustered Server environment; Secondary Data Center for failover capabilities; two data centers on separate power grids; and natural Gas powered data grade generator for continuous power ensuring that NDI is operational 24 x 7.

“We are extremely pleased to work with Dr. Berns and NDI,” said NCS President & CEO Jeff McConocha. “Their successful teleradiology service is expanding rapidly and we are well suited to handle their growth with responsive service and the type of robust IT infrastructure their service demands,” stated McConocha.

This relationship also gives NDI improved bandwidth with multiple competing Tier 1 Internet connections for redundancy and multiple DS3 connections for adequate bandwidth to ensure optimum performance. Alerting and network monitoring services are provided 24 x 7 as well.

boasts of over 10 years of experience in servicing teleradiology business, including international clients. For more information, visit their website at

NDI Implements Voice Recognition

Beachwood, Ohio – May 29, 2007

National Diagnostic Imaging (NDI), a national provider of sub-specialty teleradiology services, has implemented voice recognition technology, completely eliminating transcription while improving operational efficiencies, according to President & CEO David H. Berns, M.D.

“Working with our perfectPACS programmers, we have been able to create a highly efficient voice recognition solution using the latest technology,” Berns stated. “Using voice recognition eliminates the transcription step and allows us to dictate final reports immediately. In fact, most of our routine reports are available for clients in four to six hours. Feedback from our clients has been extremely positive.” Berns continued.

National Diagnostic Imaging provides multi-modality sub-specialty teleradiology services to hospital, private practices and imaging centers. Their expertise includes neurological, musculoskeletal, PET, body and cardiovascular imaging. In addition to professional interpretations, NDI provides image archiving, site development, marketing consultation and its own proprietary PACS program, perfectPacs.

For more information about NDI or perfectPACS visit or call 800-950-5257.