FAQs For Clients

Question: Are your radiologists board certified?
Answer: NDI  prides itself having ABR Board certified radiologists on staff. Many of our doctors are sub-specialty fellowship trained.
Question: Are your radiologists US based?
Answer: All of NDI’s radiologists maintain US citizenship.
Question: Does your business have a peer review QA program?
Answer: NDI has in place a ACR QA program in place for our radiologists and are clients.
Question: What is your turn around time and do you provide STAT coverage for emergent studies?
Answer: NDI customizes and compromises turn-around time according to the clients needs.  We definitely provide emergent study reads.  We have a 2 hour limit for our doctors to read and less depending on the patients medical status and clients preference.
Question: Are your radiologists available for consult if needed by the referring physician?
Answer: All of our doctors are available to speak with a center to either discuss their findings or discuss what ever is needed for them to determine their patients’ care.
Question: Does your company credential doctors to be able to read for our facility?
Answer: NDI’s administrative team can credential doctors for a facility or for insurance billing.  An electronic as well as a hardcopy file is kept for all physicians.
Question: What procedure or protocol does NDI use when there are critical results on a patients study?
Answer: NDI has a “critical results protocol” that is in place for studies that demand immediate attention.  The administrative staff will contact the facility and or doctor immediately without fail and if the center or doctor is not available there is a paper trail made top priority until they are informed.  Documentation is completed within the PacsStar software program of all steps taken.