FAQs for Radiologists

Question: Does your company cover their radiologists by a reputable professional liability carrier?
Answer: NDI carries medical liability coverage for all radiologists contracted with our company.
Question: What is the recommended hardware needed in order for me to read for your company?
Answer: Once a doctor signs up with our company, they are given a hardware specs sheet in which is detailed what they are responsible for and what NDI is responsible for.
Question: What is the cost to have your PacsStar Software?
Answer: Our PacsStar software is free to all our clients and radiologists, plus we supply the support needed to insure the quality of all interpretations at no additional cost.
Question: Do you supply training and support with the use of your Pacs software?
Answer: NDI has expert IT personnel on board to make sure everything runs smoothly.  They will train you on the voice recognition software needed to dictate your interpretations and on the Pacsflow software in order for you to receive your studies and images.   On the Pacstar main software program, we have User Guides for use in navigating on the site as well.
Question: What are your fees for all modalities?
Answer: NDI rates on all modalities are based on Medicare allowances and made very competitive with other vendors in the field.”