Management Team


Dr. David H. Berns

President & CEO

Dr. Berns is the President, CEO and founder of National Diagnostic Imaging. He is a well-respected authority on MRI and Neuroradiology. Dr. Berns established a strong reputation in the Midwest as President of Drs. Hill & Thomas radiology practice leading the practice to unprecedented growth before founding NDI. He has more than 30 years of experience in Neuroradiology, practicing in hospitals and outpatient centers. Dr Berns maintains a successful portfolio of imaging center and clinic-based radiology project development. He is also skilled in assessing the vascular system, including the peripheral arterial system, having read thousands of MRA studies while consulting with vascular surgeons and internists. Dr. Berns completed a fellowship in Neuroradiology at University Hospitals located in Cleveland, OH and earned his medical degree at Case Western Reserve University Medical School. He is an active member of his community.


Howard Rothman

Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Rothman is the Chief Technical Officer for National Diagnostic Imaging. He is responsible for overseeing the technical operations of the company. Mr. Rothman is also President and CEO of Rothman & Associates, a software development firm established in 1986, and Microsoft Partner. He worked as a part-time faculty member in the IT Workforce and Economic Development Division at Cuyahoga Community College from 2001 through 2006. He earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics degree from Kent State University.


Allan Rosen

C.O.F., Vice President

Allan has 20 plus years in medical imaging and 4 years of clinical experience in the orthotic and contracture correction/research field. He has been involved involved directly in the mammography CAD field with R2 Technology, and arranged clinical studies with various radiology groups relating to CAD and medical imaging.

Since many Imaging Departments and centers choose to outsource MRI, CT, PET, and other diagnostic procedures, we decided to offer the absolute best service from a clinical and client services perspective.


Cheryl Clarke

Operations Manager, Office Administrator and Credentialing Manager

Cheryl has over 30 years in the Medical Profession and administrative field.  Her management of her team reflects upon their supreme customer service.  Besides her daily administrative duties she completes all credentialing needed for NDI physicians and facilities.


Julie Kaplan

Administrative Assistant Manager

Julie has extensive experience in the Medical Profession and administrative field.  Her expertise is reflected in her superior customer service with our clients and physicians.  Her tasks include daily management of the PACSstar system, data entry and customer advocacy.


Teagan Cummins

Insurance  and Billing Manager

Teagan is a dedicated professional.  Her dedication is reflected in insurance reimbursements received and in her work ethics.  Besides her daily medical billing, she assists in the daily routines of the PACS system and customer advocacy.

Bill Cech

IT Director

Bill has a varied and diverse work history which has exposed him to many business models. His expertise is used in IT to manage their software programs, customers and growth.  His experience gives the NDI team a broad perspective in the daily tasks ranging from problem solving, presenting technical information, process improvement, software maintenance, software testing, vendor relationships, software performance tuning, network performance tuning and database performance tuning.

The NDI team includes Board Certified radiologists with sub-specialty expertise in Neuro, Musculoskeletal and Body imaging.

References are available upon request.