Teleradiology Setup, IT Services & Radiology Department Support

Teleradiology Setup and Implementation

NDI has implemented a team of experts to insure an uncompromising setup. Mr. Howard Rothman is the Chief Technical Officer for National Diagnostic Imaging. He is responsible for overseeing the technical operations of the company. Our IT team specializes in the implementation of all computer/software technology and any VPN (Virtual Private Network) set up. With our PACSTAR Software and the newest dictation technology available, our team of experts can fulfill all aspects of the setup process. We also provide in depth training for our Pacs software program with the aid of visual guides as well as remote communication, to simplify your transition.

NDI utilizes the latest technology including a PACS designed especially for teleradiology workflow to create an efficient operational model that delivers fast report turnaround. Clients benefit by having a hassle-free experience. Reports can be easily accessed in our PacsStar software program. NDI provides responsive support. Our IT staff works with clients to connect modalities, set up clients on the PACS portal and train end users.
NDI’s Pacs system provides clients with paper-free technology, fast image routing, report distribution via auto fax, secure FTP integration and online report/image access to our referring physician portal, as well as report status checking and hosted storage.

National Diagnostic Imaging offers client support, imaging protocol and technique guidance, and responsive and proactive radiologist consultations.

IT Services

National Diagnostic Imaging provides Internet Technology services remotely as well as, phone support directly to their radiologists and clients. When a radiologist or a facility joins the NDI (National Diagnostic Imaging) team, they are immediately introduced to our IT professional team. Our IT team will set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for a secure connection to be established at no cost to them. We here at NDI want to assure new members of our team that technology needs are not compromised. The unique PacsStar software system and its components are maintained by highly skilled, trained individuals. We have a unique advantage to the software programming that enables our IT team to perform trouble free installation of all software. Phone IT support is offered to our radiologists and centers and quickly attended to remotely by either our IT department or our administrative team.

The clients we serve are given a contractual promise of quality and assurance to serve their technical issues. This allows for a smooth transition to our processes and our software. Hence enabling their studies to be interpreted almost immediately once a contract is signed.

NDI’s administrative staff monitors studies coming in on a daily basis. If there are discrepancies in a study, the respective center is contacted inquiring if there is an electronic issue. This workflow practice ensures that our clients receive the best customer service quickly and efficiently. If our clients need our expert IT services, they know they have it. NDI strives to not compromise our workflow!

Radiology Department Support

NDI works closely with our facilities from initial set up to the reading of their first study. Open communication is maintained by Dr. David Berns our CEO/President of NDI, our radiologists and IT team, by working closely with the radiology department technical staff. This assures our centers of image protocol quality on their studies being met resulting in superior interpretations.

Dr. Berns states, “Good Support equals Superior interpretations which result in the efficiency of the centers protocols in order to maintain accreditation certification.”

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