On-Site Radiology and Interpretation Services

NDI Is A Radiology Services Company And Provider Of On-Site Interpretations
NDI Is A Radiology Services Company And Provider Of On-Site Interpretations

Overview Of Our Radiology Services Company

National Diagnostic Imaging is a national radiology services company that provides remote radiology interpretations and on-site interpretations.  Our teleradiologists provide after-hours and overflow coverage across all subspecialties and modalities. NDI radiologists are U.S. based, board certified and  subspecialty trained.  NDI is a full-service provider of professional radiology services including teleradiology setup, on-site radiology services, IT services and radiology department support.

On-Site Radiology and Interpretation Services

NDI provides on-site radiologic services and information technology integration upon request.  Our IT staff is available to assist imaging centers and health care facilities at their physical location. Our technicians can help with PACS and RIS integration and use.   We provide remote and on-site technology consultations, robust data archiving, imaging protocol assistance and medical imaging accreditation support. We exchange information with our customers quickly for ‘STAT Reads” and when we discover critical results and findings.  The radiologists at NDI can perform both preliminary and final interpretations on-site. We also specialize in handling preliminary night interpretations.

Changing Teleradiology Providers

If your radiology practice is considering changing providers or is reevaluating your current teleradiology services, we invite you to request a proposal from NDI. We may be able to offer you a better prices while simultaneously providing your organization with better quality service. While we are not as large as some of the other national teleradiology companies and on-site radiology practices such as vRad, RadNet’s Imaging On-Call (IOC), ONRAD, StatRad, Envision Healthcare, Radiology Partners, Radisphere and Aris Radiology, we are more affordable, responsive and provide a higher degree of customer service. NDI frequently takes over hospital contracts due to reduced reimbursements.  NDI have gained considerable market share because our teleradiologists are fast, more than capable and extremely thorough. Our staff provides timely communication between the reading radiologist and the referring physician.  If your radiology group or hospital is considering utilizing a radiology outsourcing company for remote interpretations or any form of coverage, contact NDI to request a teleradiology proposal.

Prices For Radiology Services

The professional staff members at our company provide low-priced teleradiology services and on-site radiology services to ACOs, radiology private practices, IDTFs, imaging centers, diagnostic facilities, radiology groups, hospitals and other health care providers.  We provide both direct billing and client billing.  Our teleradiology fee structure and rates for preliminary interpretations, final interpretations and teleradiology services range from $8.00 to $75.00 per study depending on the imaging modality.  Click here for prices for preliminary and final interpretations.

National Coverage And Value Added Services

We have teleradiology and radiology service customers in most states in the U.S. and are continuing to grow. We are continually expanding our network of radiologists to provide radiology coverage for payor jurisdictions in new states.  We provide licensing and ACR/ICAMRL credentialing assistance to radiologists in all 50 states.  Upon request, and when possible, we provide medical-director assistance.

Radiology Reading Services

NDI provides remote radiology interpretation services and online radiology reading services of medical images and diagnostic studies via teleradiology.  Our teleradiology company provides radiology reading, interpretation services and teleradiology services including customized turnaround times for studies as needed.  National Diagnostic Imaging is a radiology outsourcing company that employees radiologists based in the United States.  NDI provides small to mid-size hospitals with 24/7 access to subspecialty interpretations. Outsourcing radiology interpretations to NDI helps medical facilities to maintain a higher level of patient care and produce better patient outcomes.  Our reading services include after hours reads, medical/legal overreads, backup reads, rereads, second opinion radiology reads, preliminary reads, final reads and subspecialty reads.  NDI provides a radiology reading and diagnostic image interpretation services for x-rays, MRIs, CAT scans, MSK scans, PET scans, ultrasound scans, mammograms, neuroradiology and other modalities and subspecialities.

Second Opinion Radiology Reads

National Diagnostic Imaging provides second opinion radiology reads, secondary radiology interpretations of imaging studies and secondary radiology reads (over reads) for individuals, medical facilities and businesses. Individuals that are worried about a diagnosis contact NDI to request a second opinion. We help people figure out what to do next. Our accurate interpretations of imaging studies are performed by U.S. based, fellowship trained, subspecialty radiologists. We also provide written second opinion radiology interpretations of outside (third party) imaging studies for patients, their referring physicians or their legal counsel. Contact NDI at 1-800-950-5257 to find out how to upload images so that one of our radiologists can read the diagnostic study.

Teleradiology Service Quality and Turnaround Times

National Diagnostic Imaging (NDI) uses cutting edge web-based (cloud) PACS software to provide teleradiology services to obtain and transmit radiological patient images, radiology exams and diagnostic studies, and to transmit interpretations and reports to referring physicians.  Quality and performance are key factors why our customers contract with us for outsourced teleradiology imaging services.  Click here for information about our Quality Assurance Peer Review Program.  Our staff is committed to a program of improving quality, enhancing speed, promoting diagnostic accuracy and safeguarding patient health.

NDI provides customized turnaround times for your studies as needed.  The NDI team takes pride in their customer service by  making sure all studies will be read within the contractual time frame established with each center.   NDI’s state of the art software and speedy workflows enhance the ability of our teleradiologists to provide quick and precise reads.  We provide STAT/emergent read coverage for all centers within a 2 hour period of time, shorter depending on the degree of precedence that is needed. We provide different TATs for STAT, expedited and routine reports. Although the ‘TAT’ is an important factor when judging a teleradiology company, we consider report accuracy to be paramount. We will tailor our superior turn-around times to meet individual needs of our clients. Our philosophy is to create customized solutions.  We use a radiology referring physician portal to collaborate and support our referring physicians in order to enhance their productivity.  Our off-site radiologists use the portal to enhance access to relevant (prior studies), patient records and referring physicians in order to provide high quality interpretations.


National Diagnostic Imaging (NDI) was founded in 2003 by President and CEO David H. Berns, M.D., a neuroradiologist and vascular specialist. When the company was first founded, it provided subspecialty expertise. As the company evolved, the business started focusing more on imaging professional services and began putting radiologists on-site. Even Dr. Berns, the owner, spends a few days a week on-site at radiology clinics performing radiology reading services.

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