Credentialing Services For NDI Teleradiology Customers

NDI provides teleradiology credentialing for our clients and radiology administrative services for our teleradiology customers.

Radiology Administrative Services For NDI Teleradiology Customers

NDI’s administrative staff  provides our clients and radiologist superior customer service.

Our administrative team is responsible for invoicing centers and maintaining radiologists records.  Records for our radiologists are kept electronically, as well as hardcopies.  Our radiologists keep their licensing and CME and credentialing requirements up to date.

Our staff assists our clients in ACR/ICAMRL accreditation.   We provide credentialing to help with Medicare and Medicaid processing for our radiologists and centers.

Teleradiology Credentialing For NDI Teleradiology Clients

The CMS.Gov website  states that “The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has approved four national accreditation organizations (AOs) — the American College of Radiology (ACR), the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC), The Joint Commission (TJC) and RadSite – to provide accreditation services for suppliers of the Technical Component (TC) of advanced diagnostic imaging procedures. This accreditation applies only to the suppliers of the images themselves, and not to the physician’s interpretation of the image. All (AOs) accreditation organizations have quality standards that address the safety of the equipment as well as the safety of the patients and staff.

NDI’s administrative staff has designed unique protocols to fit the credentialing needs for our centers.  Our centers are obligated to meet the guidelines set up for accreditation with Medicare/Medicaid.  They are responsible for meeting guidelines on their equipment.   Our radiologists maintain their CME’s, DEA certification, ABR Certification in order to interpret studies.

Medicare reporting applications for IDTF’s have to be done regularly as changes occur either with our doctors or their facilities.

We offer direct billing for our clients if needed.  We also do Medicare/Medicaid credentialing .  NDI as a corporation is credentialed with Medicare as well as each individual doctor in their home state as well.

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