Quality Assurance Peer Review Program

Radiology peer review is essential to obtain good quality assurance for any business. Hospitals and IDTF’s have to maintain a peer review program for ACR or Jcaho accreditation. Quality assurance programs should be utilized to learn and improve your efficiency. We here at NDI pride ourselves in utilizing the American College of Radiology (ACR)  Radpeer program for our peer review.  Follow this link to obtain more information on the utilization of this unique program at: http://www.acr.org/Quality-Safety/RADPEER.

The instructions for participation can also can be found at: http://www.acr.org/~/media/ACR/Documents/PDF/QualitySafety/Radpeer/GeneralInstructions.pdf

Our administrator maintains records for our doctors peer review as well as our centers reporting for their peer review.

Our radiologists are given studies every month to review their peer’s interpretations.  Radiologists viewing their peers interpretations help sharpen their own skills and knowledge, which, benefits our radiologists credentialing processes.