Stephen Waite, MD

Dr.Waite is a Board certified in Diagnostic Radiology with fellowship training in Cardiothoracic imaging. He is currently the Section Chief of Cardiothoracic radiology and Clinical Associate Professor of Radiology and Internal Medicine at SUNY Downstate in NYC where he has been an attending for over 10 years teaching Medical students, Radiology and Medicine residents, Pulmonary/critical care and Cardiology fellows. Furthermore, Dr Waite is a Federal Government Certified B-Reader for asbestosis, silicosis and other occupational dust and fiber exposures. In addition he is recognized and published author on error in radiology and its’ resultant medicolegal ramifications having written about blind spots, missed findings, communication failures, fatigue, and system related problems. He is experienced as an expert witness and medicolegal consultant (both defense and plaintiff) and is prompt, reliable, and efficient, having consulted in dozens of cases.