NDI Teleradiology Solutions, Quality And Image Delivery

Teleradiology Quality

The advancement of technology and Internet bandwidth enables any imaging provider to gain access to remote subspecialty radiologists, teleradiology services and high quality reports through efficient teleradiology workflow systems. By utilizing a NDI’s teleradiology solutions and teleradiology model, imaging providers can improve their coverage strategies and gain a competitive advantage by adding subspecialty expertise as needed.  Quality and performance are key factors why our customers contract with us for outsourced teleradiology imaging services.

Teleradiology has been a valuable tool to providing more timely radiologic interpretations, low miss rates and better quality of service. Teleradiology has delivered interpretations to hospitals, emergency rooms and IDTF’s that do not have access to the routine reporting in the past. It has improved the quality and level of care nationally and internationally.

Reports can be distributed to clients and referring physicians via several options: auto fax, integration to another system (HL7) or secure FTP which includes  access to report/images displayed on NDI’s referring physician portal. NDI stores all reports and also has the ability to store images at no additional cost, as needed for clients.

The American Medical Association has supported telemedicine for the delivery of images for interpretations to out of state full and unrestricted licensed practitioners who, partake in this modernized technology.

The easiest way to get access to teleradiology services in the United States is to call National Diagnostic Imaging at 1-800-950-5257 or email info@ndximaging.com.

Image Development Implementation

The American College of Radiology is always defining processes and standards in the practice of radiology.  Quality patient service is the ultimate goal challenge.  Radiology guidelines are reviewed and subject to revision as the ACR sees that it is indicated.  Prior to final approval, guidelines are thoroughly examined, critiqued and evaluated by the ACR for acceptance.

National Diagnostic Imaging offers sub-specialty teleradiology services and subspecialty radiology study interpretation expertise to independent imaging centers, hospitals and private practice physicians. Our work focuses on narrow fields of expertise in sub-specialty radiology.  NDI’s team of radiologists pride themselves in image development implementation. We follow protocols for all modalities. We will work with our clients technologists to make sure their image quality is the best they can provide.

NDI’s teleradiology PACS has unique features that enable it to capture DICOM images from the modality, automatically create an order and route the images and patient information quickly to the appropriate reading radiologist. Then, radiologists utilize integrated speech recognition and voice-driven commands to generate reports. This specialized teleradiology workflow enables NDI to turn reports around quickly and consistently.

Keeping the lines of communication available and open for all parties involved in the exam study, assuring the best possible interpretation is presented.

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