Remote Daytime And Overnight Radiology Reading Services

In 2022, the easiest way to get access to daytime or nighthawk (overnight) teleradiology services is to contact National Diagnostic Imaging - 12-01-22

In 2022, the easiest way to get access to daytime or nighthawk (overnight) teleradiology services in the United States is to call the National Diagnostic Imaging Teleradiology Company at 1-800-950-5257 or email

Contact NDI For Around-the-Clock Radiology Coverage

For 24/7 high-quality teleradiology services contact NDI. National Diagnostic Imaging provides daytime and nighttime radiology reading services and coverage. Board certified, U.S. based, fellowship trained radiologists also provide emergency nighthawk services. NDI’s radiologists are skilled in all imaging modalities, with training in subspecialties as well.

Due to a significant increase in the demand for after-hours imaging, more hospitals and radiology groups are outsourcing their after-hours teleradiology services to National Diagnostic Imaging. Quality assurance programs should are utilized to improve efficiency. NDI utilizes the American College of Radiology (ACR)  Radpeer program for our peer review.

The National Diagnostic Imaging Teleradiology Company provides teleradiology services 24/7/365 to digitally obtain radiological patient images (x-ray, ultrasound, CT scans or MRI), to electronically share imaging studies online and to submit subspecialty radiology final reports remotely. NDI also provides on-site radiologist staffing and radiology study interpretation services.

In 2022, National Diagnostic Imaging teleradiology services led to an improved level of patient care in the United States.

NDI will provide preliminary and or final interpretations for both emergent and non-emergent radiology studies.  NDI also provides the freedom of on-demand teleradiology services formatted to your centers’ requirements.

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