STAT Reporting And Critical Results Reporting

STAT Reporting

There are always instances where an imaging or radiology center needs a study read immediately, commonly known as a “STAT” read.  We take into consideration the centers’ wishes when they are initially contracted with NDI.  This feature is uniquely programmed to fit each center.

If the center does not have specific guidelines set up for Emergent STAT reads, we will follow our default protocol for these reads which is 2 hours.

Critical Results Reporting

NDI has formulated a “Critical Result Recording” protocol.   In the event a radiologist claims an interpretation has a critical result, NDI Protocol is initiated.  This protocol meets standards set up by the American College of Radiology.  All critical result studies have to be documented within the patient study in our PacsStar Software Program.  The client is contacted and this task is not labeled complete until the NDI staff has spoken with our clients in “live conversation” explaining the critical result of their patient study ”.   If necessary, the referring physician is always given the option of a personal consultation with the reading radiologist.

NDI also maintains an after hours auto attendant for stat reads and or critical result report calls. There is always a member of our  administrative staff “on call”, to assure our centers their studies will be taken care and handled no matter what level of urgency.